Wood Fuel Testing Wood Fuel Testing

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Wood Fuel Testing

Wood Fuel Testing

Wood Fuel Testing Limited provides testing of fuel quality in wood logs, wood chip and hog fuel. We have a testing laboratory with the latest equipment to test to the latest ISO and European Standards.

Standards are required to describe biomass fuels, and testing gives confirmation of adherence to standards.

We provide the necessary advice on how to sample your batch of wood and package it for shipping. On receipt we test it in our laboratory.  

We provide testing for:

  • Wood logs: round wood or split
  • Wood chip for biomass boilers
  • Hog fuel for biomass boilers

Wood Fuel TestingWood chip (EN 14588) – Chipped woody biomass in the form of pieces with a defined particle size produced by mechanical treatment with sharp tools such as knives.

Hog fuel (EN 14588) – Crushed/shredded wood in the form of pieces of varying size and shape produced by crushing with blunt tools such as rollers, hammers or flails.